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Health Care

LaTonya Chenault-Qawwee VP, Health Care Strategies Katz Radio Group (240) 222-3933


Pat McGee SVP, Political Strategies Katz Radio Group (215) 557-4229


Stacey Lynn Schulman EVP, Strategy, Analytics and Research Katz Media Group (212) 424 6512


Lauren McHale SVP, Director of Sales, Katz Sports Katz Radio Group (212) 424-6499

Press Inquiries

Jennifer Dugan Savage Director, Communications & Marketing Katz Media Group (419) 351-5145


Katz Radio Group

Mark Gray CEO, Katz Media Group (212) 424-6215
Christine Travaglini President, Katz Radio Group (212) 424-6532
Kerry McFeetors SVP, General Sales Manager (212) 424 6231
John Hesano SVP, Director of Sales, General Sales Manager (212) 424 6210

Christal Radio

Christine Travaglini President, Christal Radio (212) 424-6532

Eastman Radio

Tucker Flood President, Eastman Radio (212) 424 6533

Entercom Radio Sales

Jana Cosgrove President, Entercom Radio Sales (212) 424-6670

Katz Digital

Scott Porretti Executive Vice President (212) 424-6202

Katz Radio

Chad Brown President, Katz Radio (212) 424-6226

KRG Partnerships

Christine Travaglini President, Christal Radio and KRG Partnerships (212) 424-6532

Cumulus Media National Sales

Chad Brown President, Cumulus Media National Sales (212) 424-6226